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Who doesn’t want solid marketing tips? Social media marketing strategy is leading the way and tips to help you tweak what you’re doing are always super helpful right?!marketing tips

We share marketing tips as often as we can. The aim is to share them weekly on our Facebook business page and share them here.  Usually, the are posted monthly or 2 at a time.

Facebook Marketing Tips this week


August 15th, 2017, tips.


Tips: Facebook

Sms and Facebook can be used together so you don’t need to waste your data or use wifi.

For your Facebook business page, you can pick your preferred audience. So Facebook knows who to show you page too.

Setup your Legacy contact for security reasons.

Tips: Google My Business

Google + is not Google My Business (maps).

You can now add posts (they only last a week) in Google My Business.

Google Also offers website creation if your business doesn’t have a website. Looks interesting but you can only or should only use it if you don’t already have a website as google will replace your website listing with this in google my business.

And that is this week

Pip oxx


Facebook Insights It’s free to use and shows information on actions taken, page views, the number of people you’ve reached, the number of post engagements and more. This information can help you create social campaigns that are effective.

Last Weeks Tips

Week Before Last Weeks Tips

Facebook pixel analytics dashboard? Do you use it? Check it out. You must have retargeting pixel up though.

Tip You can follow other pages and how they are doing in your insights tab.

Tip  Did you know you can determine the audience you want your page to show to naturally?

Tip  You can follow other business stats in Facebook insights.

Tip you can email invite all your contacts to like your page on Facebook.

Tip Currently the best times to post to get the most eyeballs is between 1-3 pm, and if you want more engagement post on the weekends.

Tip  Use google trends Google market place, see whats trending on youtube. Step back and look at the market. This will give you a better grasp of the situation.

Tip Share what you are learning. Content definitely plays a great role and Social media. Sharing others content increases your overall reach.

Tip Test Multiple platforms you aren’t going to know which social networks will provide value unless you test them

marketing tipsFacebook groups Tips and New this week:

Tip if you have 251 or more members in your group you should have insights.

Tip you can now schedule posts in groups

Tip. Did you know you can punish members my muting them for an allotted time period? Sound funny & I am betting this goes away at some point but maybe that is because

Group app is dead, but they will continue to improve groups

google garage have you heard of it?

Tip 8 A new New version of Google Adwords is available as of August 8th. 2017

more than 100 billion searches performed on Google each month it is increasingly difficult to remain competitive while using generic, short-tail keywords alone.

See you next week with hopefully a lot more great information. If you have questions contact us.

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