7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Online Digital Media Marketing Business


Have you struggled to get your Digital Media Marketing business going online?

It is hard owning your own business. These are a few take aways from the video.

What I talk about in the video.

How I started out… Why I went out on my own…What I learned

How I started

    • advertising, companies I worked for.
  • Why I went out on my own

    • I didn’t have a good purpose.
    • I hated working for people who weren’t doing what I thought was possible.
    • Hate, hate hates giving respect to those that don’t deserve it.
  • My purpose Now

    • to provide help. Understand your options. Communicate to help people understand a bit more about the technology and how amazing it is.
  • 7 things I would say right now that I wish I had known

My Talk about it…my 7.Digital media marketing

  1. Question
    • That will tell you a lot about your path.
    • Realize what is worth your time and what isn’t.
    • Stay true to your passion. Do this.
  2. Systems. Systems. Systems.
  3. Challenges come up.
    • Failure – what it really means. – you just might not be failing.
    • Reflect. You learn from your mistakes.You need to focus and it is so easy to get distracted.
    • Try things & know when to pivot. – know yourself
    • don’t be afraid of change, and like any bad relationship, you might stay too long. But also know that things take the time to learn. So also commit to what you are doing. Fine line.
  4. Clients Are People
    • Your first won’t be your last if you are.
    • Make sure you are meeting your own needs (Never Take Cheques it is a pain in the butt)
    • Always take a deposit – it will make you feel more secure
  5. Build your network. Yours and don’t compare yourself.
    • Ask For Help
    • Look for Mentors.
    • Use Free Respources
    • Create A Resource List.
  6. Reflect – example after a meeting an experience.
  7. Play the long game and the short game.
    • Always be learning – carve out time. Follow Your Passion- Reflect on what you like. –
    • realize you are playing a long game.

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Transcript from Video: What I have learned being in advertising and digital media marketing.


Slight delay due to technical issues but today is Thursday. Thursday’s Social. And Today I am going to talk about 7 things I wish I knew before I started my digital business. Of course getting involved in naming 7 things I didn’t’ know. There were a lot of things I wish I knew before I started my business so. I am going to click invite now. See if I can invite some people. Interesting. It let me invite…Take 2.

All thumbs today, I am all thumbs.The live button, ah, is the finish button and I seem to press it. So I am just getting my couple of notes on what I am going to talk about today. Which is;

7 things I wish I knew before I started my business.

When I got involved in writing this it kind of spiraled because there are a lot of things I wish I knew before I started my business. That is what I am going to talk about today and hopefully somebody, anybody gets something out of it and doesn’t have to do the work in their future because of it. I don’t know who is here but hello.

So about me. I am Pip and I run a small digital marketing business here on Vancouver Island. We do SEO and SEM and all this great stuff and I run a facebook group with Greg and he is a specialist in websites. So I spend a lot of time online. I’ve been in advertising since I graduated university. And, I didn’t, Ya know, I know I was going to stay in this field and I am glad it’s grown had it not changed I wouldn’t have stayed in advertising.

So, be that as it may when I started working online or when I started doing my own thing I got thrown into it. And, umm, it was cause I was really unsatisfied with my bosses and the companies I worked for. I hated giving respect to people that I didn’t think deserved it and I was in sales so Ya know, my job was to sell. I gained a lot of great experience from being in sales and then getting kind of into marketing. So knowing what, yah know, was important in advertising and then moving over and doing that myself really helped me online for doing what I am doing now. But, umm, yeah, I worked for a couple digital media companies and I thought the stuff looked easy. So when I went on my own I did have clients but Ya know, I thought I could do a lot of the jobs that people spend a lot of time learning.

The 7 things I believe would be really important just to, Ya know, maybe if I look back on this in a year these will change but for now.  My 7 things are. #1, and they’re not in any specific order.


Number 1 Question Why you want to start a business online. I love helping people and I love helping people understand digital media. When I started out I said I wanted to be a translator of technology. Passion drives me. Learning how to do stuff, analytics drives me so I want to help people spend less money and get more out of it. I want people to understand their options and, and be excited about the change that’s happening and the fact that we’re in this time where it is just so crazy, Ya know, we never know what’s going to happen. I want to be excited about every turn I take in my life. I live where I want. I am passionate, might not be as rich as I want yet but one day. I love what I do. I work with clients. So anyway, so my number 1. Hi, who ever is there. I can’t see people but umm, yeah. Glad your here. So, yeah, Question why you’re something that’s my #1 thing because there is so much to learn and so much distraction that if you sit down and be like okay, well, I am doing this for a client, what do I like about doing this? What do I enjoy, like do I enjoy making collages, do I spend hours moving a picture? Like if I don’t question why I am doing something or if I am not passionate about it and I just want money I doubt I’ll do really well online. I would end up being like those people I didn’t like. Like the people, I didn’t want to work for anymore because it was all about money and Ya know what being in sales I do like money, who doesn’t like money? But, Ya gotta be passionate about what you do and then it flows a little better. So try to stay true to your passion.


My number 2, which is not my favorite thing but I am glad I know it. Systems. Systems are your friend. Using a CRM system, just helps. Trying new systems helps. It is a lot of giving and take. You’ll find the stuff that best suits you in time but don’t be afraid to try stuff and don’t be afraid to say OK it is too much I’ll go back it later. For instance, I use photoshop all the time. Ya know, had I not learned pixel first I wouldn’t have liked photoshop in the end. And I remember the first time I tried photoshop I really frustrated and left. So, systems are really important. Systems are really important generally when you’re in business there are 3 aspects right. There is the marketing, there’s the admin, and, marketing, admin, and uh, advertising. No, marketing, admin, sorry, yeah, and advertising. [accounting]. There is a lot to do with business so getting systems in place really helps you. We just got a system. We use Qwilr for our presentations with people and that is just fantastic. My Favorite! I love using it, it gets me excited. Because we do a presentation to people in a certain way to get them excited about what we’re doing. So systems is number 2.


Challenge, challenges come up so my number 3 thing is failure. Really, what is failure? To me I don’t fail, I could do better. I am not a perfectionist but failure to me is a learning experience. And that learning experience you don’t often know that’s going going, that’s going to propel you into the future. Ya know, you could have looked at what I did with the courses I made as a failure because I had one person book all of them, and then some people booked consulting but the reality has I met some amazing people. I find tuned my stuff. Made an amazing connection. Spent some money, learned a lot, and I think there is going to be some great opportunities in the future. So…ya know challenges, I think it is how you look at life. Like if you look at life and you do the poor me. It is going to be poor you, right? If you look at life and be like this happened but I got this out of it. That kind of goes into some other ways I think which makes my life pretty positive.


Okay, my number #4 is Clients. Your first clients will not be your last clients. I know there is a lot of stress starting a business and that stress can be overwhelming. One of the stresses I often feel with no real reason is, like, I am afraid. I am always afraid I am not going to get paid. I always get paid. I always get paid because I do a really good job and I am through but that being said contracts, deposits super important. Your first clients won’t be your last and make sure you care about yourself in the process don’t just give away everything right! You have to charge for what you’re worth. Realize, and try to realize that when you grow you are worth more. Realize that you have accountability. You need people to sign things so you can take their money. You need people not to call you at 9 at night because it is inappropriate and not okay. If you called them at home they wouldn’t like it so yeah just, just so you know you work with people not for people. That was my biggest thing and that’s I. I am a really sharing culture kind of person. So that is what I believe. That is number 4.


Number 5 is building your network. Build your network. So I would like to thank Greg here and my network is building but Greg was, a really good example of building a network. He, he helped me to learn so he can be a mentor to. He knows websites and I don’t build websites anymore. By building your network you can ask questions, get free resources. You can, there is so much you can learn. You can get mentors that you value not people you follow you don’t talk to. Asking questions being a part of things. What did Eleanor Roosevelt say? She said better to learn from someone else because you can’t learn everything yourself. So better to learn from someone else right. That is my number 5.  


My number 6 is a really big one. A big thing for me and it is reflecting. I learned early on in my sales career one of the best things. And I am not sure who to thank for this but one of the best things I learned was when you leave a meeting or an experience ask yourself; What did I do really well? Ya know, find something. And then, what could I do to improve? Like, where would I improve and if you ask that after every meeting or after every job experience or Ya know say you have a fight with your boss and you want to leave your job. If you ask yourself what did I like about it, what could I do better, what didn’t I like. And that goes into your passion to right. If you ask yourself about your jobs what you liked about your jobs and what you didn’t like about your jobs you can actually find out what you like. It is way easier to find out what you don’t like but yeah REFLECT. Spend some time taking some time reflect on the things that, that, that if you reflect you can hear your path. As weird as that might sound. You really can, in my opinion. K that is number 6.


Number 7, Oh number 7 is Play the Long Game. Ya know, you can play the short game and get sales and you can do all sorts of things to sell your brand and to sell your image and we see companies doing that all the time. Playing the long game means being in it for the long game. What do you, why are you in this? Are you in this to build relationships in business? I think that what I get. The best thing I could say about, Ya know, when I was in sales I looked at it like making new friends. I am still friends with 1 person from at least every company I worked for. I am not sure why it worked out like that but if you play the long game. If you, you know. For instance, if I am a real estate agent and I sell somebody a house. If I send them a card every year when they are ready to sell there is a chance they will call. Realize everything you learn will help you tomorrow and everything you learn tomorrow will help you the next day.


Everything you learn tomorrow will help you the next day.


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