Googles Big Announcements For Adwords -Adwords Campaign Changes 2017

adwords campaign 2017

The Event of the year. Google announces everything they are going to be working on in 2017 and we found what we need to know about Adwords.

Here is what I learned from them learning from Google.

Last year the formats changed.

Responsive display ads the eta- expanded text ads. This was the biggest change in AdWords last year. And the results are in. Click through rate boost of 10-20%.

1 out of 3 people/businesses struggled to make a transition (and we know why we did it for a business). So, of course, people struggled.

Mobile click through rate was on the rise. People were doing great and the ETA-slowed this. But then the mobile click-through rate maybe because of eta’s slowed this rate down.

This year we won’t see so many new ad formats. Google is introducing new ad improvements so we can reach better audiences and convert those users better.

Smarter and more effective marketing

OH my, Google is going to integrate the 2 most popular search engines in the world.

Youtube and Google integrating..*hand to open mouth, jaw drop*

Pairing these together we will be able to create youtube & Search Audiences. Now remarketing will include youtube visitors.

  • can target people who have watched our youtube ads. so a shift. Now if people are viewing my content they can see in more than one place.
  • A powerful audience segment (50% of people look to Youtube video before they visit a store.
  • users that click on an ad and spend more after watching that video.

Youtube isn’t in a vacuum anymore!

Survey 360 (1)

will help with marketing- can post survey to remarketing list. Can ask a simple question and then can look at responses.  Can get a lot of valuable insight, and insight from a non-converting audience. This will help with marketing across search.

 In market Audience (2)

(in display originally). Google is introducing for search ads. Browser history and how you present ad even bid adjustment.

  • this is huge for advertisers- specifically for real estate, cars, – treating audience differently with different search intent.

This should be super exciting. One of the more powerful tools

Life event and consumer pattern targeting. (3)

coming soon – will be able to target users with major life events like about to or recently moved, got married. We have different kinds of search and consumer patterns.  People who are getting married are looking at sheets and stuff. they are going to buy stuff they are usually not interested in. As an advertiser, we can utilize this new advertising trend.

  • We will also be able to target users based on user experience- if they eat out all the time or if they went for coffee. Or people who shop ad different types of stores. ie. Walmart vs target vs local stores- people choose to shop differently.
  • also, people who go to live events or watch tv.

this ability is the end goal or all marketing methods – ads that go across youtube and Gmail. Who you reach and how you reach them

(AMP) Accelerated mobile load for PPC. (4)

google. How you manage yourself online. Accelerated mobile load for PPCAccelerated mobile pages (AMP) Amp-accelerated mobile pages

(2 million advertiser- AMP landing pages to be supported by paid search ads. Load through AMP page (cached on google). This will improve load speeds.

  • Will decrease bounce rate, better land page experiences- and therefore enhancing your quality score (if amp pages work well for your site).
  • Working well for organic result amp pages
  • Accelerated mobile load for PPC

Increased load time(s) on phones create higher bounce rate on mobile. On phones, people expect things faster.

Equation: 20% few conversion per additional 1sec.

Accelerated mobile load for display ads. (5)

Image ads are slow on mobile devices – images loading after the text. Now AMP ads will be cached on google and then load quicker. Therefore display ads will see more impressions/clicks on mobile display ads.

Announcement- voice search integration. (6)

20% of all searches are voice search now.

Think of things without a screen- Google Home- ‘okay google…’ where can I find…’ a typed search is super different as they show a different type of intention.  Natural search results so great! there is an ad in it. Like native advertising, you might not recognize the ad initially.  This changes the game.  We aren’t sending to a website we are promoting them.

These types of searches are super different as they show a different type of intention. The thing about this search.  Natural search results so great! there is an ad in it. Like native advertising, you might not recognize the ad initially.  This changes the game.  We aren’t sending to a website we are promoting them.

‘Okay, google… List the Open House today?’ Natural search results (organic) in natural language so great!  And there could be ad integration. An example of a google answer could be; “Real Estate Corp Brad Jones is having an open house at 2217 FindAHome St. Would you like to hear the other listings?” There is an ad in it. Like native advertising, you might not recognize the ad initially but you can see it. This could be a real game changer in advertising and steps in the process. WE will be able to prompt different responses for different stages of the cycle. This will also integrate with real life as we aren’t sending them to a website. Location targeting will be important here so very local and streamlined.

Things to think about

    • how to prepare for voice ad.
    • real life action for real life query.
      • Think about answering these Questions; Where, Who When or How.
      • pull from Google My Business. Get this sorted for people and businesses
        • Create a google “my business account” and sync to AdWords to take advantage.

Side note: Structured data like shopping feeds & local inventory ads will be the easiest to integrate first into results  because of the types of searches.will have to do thing

  • correctly putting a shopping feed and monitoring it and updating it monthly into google merchant centre.

Q & A

Amp Pages when rolled out and where to find?

Today- you can create AMP pages for mobile. Look at google – it is open sources:

Looks like a job for Phelan in my opinion. Or something he would be interested in.

  • How to create an amp page
  • to do in PPC in beta right now how.

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