Behind the Scenes

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I have been so lost in work lately creating these courses and working out what to share with people. It is fun. I am excited about helping people on their path to better manage their online presence.

I work hard to be able to share what I learn and know. Everyday as of late seems a little bit of a grind. But then I reflect and I see myself losing fear in going live online. I see me working in the group I help manage and then going out and taking a walk or talking to online colleagues. I am really enjoying the hard work and where I have surrounded myself. Woods being at my back door helps keep my mind turned up so to speak.

I created 2 ad videos today as well as I am constantly playing with video and options. 

Next step is presenting the course and seeing the hiccups and then doing the next course.

Video 1 2 and 3. 3 is my Favorite. 


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