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June 10, 2017

Google Stats Setup & Activation | Service |

google data set up activation

Connect & Setup Your Data Accounts.

To start collecting basic data from a website or mobile app: If you don’t have your data turned on in Analytics account and search console setup you’re missing out on learning about your clients. Create and set up your accounts or let us do it and turn everything on. Setting up the below properties will let you start tracking so when you are ready you can analyze your data.  Plus you’ll be set up to do retargeting as you’ll have collected people into your list.  Let’s set up and connect your assets to one another properly.

Start collecting your data don’t get left behind


Get Your Analytics Setup

Take the next steps to manage yourself online properties right!

    • Google Analytics (a)
    • Search Console (b)
    • Adwords (retargeting/display)
    • AB and C connected and turned on in analytics.
    • Initial Facebook pixel (retargeting) setup (for tracking & custom audience building)
    • Initial Video Report & Monthly Report Sent
    • Retargeting turned on.

When you’re ready to retarget or advertise you’ll have data about who your clients are already. The Analytics will show you the way and you’ll learn who’s searching when and why and even for how long.

Questions?  Contact us we’re a click away. Want to know about our newest service. Check out our Facebook Operator Messenger Service. We could also learn together. We also teach some classes Mastering Digital Marketing.

To see some of our reporting check out a recent blog post on reporting.

Sample report below.