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December 27, 2015

Website Maintenance Sevices

website management services

Website Maintenance Services 2017 package

Do you have time to learn how to maintain your website? Wouldn't it be good to know you have someone who can give you advice and tips on the fly? Websites often need new content, updates, and best practices applied. We want you to be a part of managing your website but we also what you to be able to breathe, and take time for all those other tasks you do. We offer a variety of website maintenance services to help you manage without worry. Do you also need some you can call at any time and a real person will answer the phone and help you right away? We have that service as well.

How we help 

  • Fresh content/Routine updates
  • New pages
  • Search optimized, with target specific keywords
  • On-demand web maintenance when you need to delegate

Our Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Will keep your website fresh and up-to-date. How does monthly web maintenance work? Simply call, text or email us whenever you want or need something changed or added or updated to your website.  How fast can website updates be made? You ask. Most updates can be completed within 24 sometimes 48hours depending on how complex the situation is.  Larger and more complex updates can take slightly longer but we shall tell you before we start.  We also offer our specialty service. We call it:

Our On Demand Web Maintenance

Whenever you need it and we drop everything to help you. This is a premium service to help you when you need it most. We take the stress out managing your website.

You can purchase our monthly packages or use us on demand service. Wondering what you should use. Give us a call and we'll direct you the best way we can.


Monthly Maintenance Service Packages

Package Prices /hour

You can purchase our monthly packages or use our on-demand service.

We start our monthly package at

1 hour a month at $55.00

2 hours a month will cost you $105.00

3 hours a month will cost you $140.00

4 hours a month will cost you $170.00

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