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facebook page likes - how to


With Facebook’s forever changing layouts there are so many facebook business page questions.

How do I…How do I like another page from my business page? How do I get people to like my facebook business page for free?  As an  ADMIN there are some simple things you implement that can really benefit a facebook business page.

I did a video a while back- see below but didn’t put it on a blog post to direct people to. This will help some of my clients manage their facebook business page themselves.

facebook business page tips

Free Ways To Increase Your Facebook Page Likes. Your organic solution using post reach – because the more your posts get liked and shared the more people you can invite to your page for free.

On YoutubeGo to your business page. You will need to be an admin or owner of a page to like another business on Facebook. You will most likely be given the admin panel as a default, which shows all of your stats. If you don’t see the stats, click on Admin panel on the right.

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Old Post about Facebook business page likes -Oct 9, 2016 – 



I am an admin for multiple FB business pages, but when I’m acting as one of the businesses I represent I try to ‘Like‘ another business page and I always try to get more facebook likes to a page organically. 

Would I do a campaign for Facebook likes? I am not sure. One of my clients just asked me to do just this. So I am going to do it and follow the results. I did a bit more research about doing Facebook ads. That along with my knowledge of advertising because that is what I have been in for over 10 years now I think gives me a good view of what is good and what is not.  things and although I know how to do them I always like to do some research and report on what I discovered about best practices. You can never be weary of more research, right?

Today I am creating Facebook ads to get more likes for a page. I am not sure if I would choose to do this myself but I do what people want and I try to do the best job possible.




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