Marketing Strategy

marketing Strategy

Do you have a marketing strategy? What a place to start? This will help you work through what you need to know.

Questions Advertisers & Marketing Need to Know.

Who finds their advertising options overwhelming? Are you on a shoe string budget?Advertising options can be pricey if you aren’t strategic. Stop wasting your money and time stressing out and build yourself up! Let’s be tactical about your marketing and marketing strategy.  We always start with Questions because then we can find the answers. Now Imagine your last 5 clients. If you don’t have clients imagine who your clients are.

There are many choices when it comes to advertising your business.  A Marketing strategy has to be thought out.

I hope you walk out of this talk knowing what questions to ask yourself as a business owner before you begin advertising or paying for advertising. Matching your financial budget & time budget to your Advertising Options is essential and will help you get creative when it comes to doing what you need to do. Each business varies according to need, want and belief of what will work when it comes to advertising and marketing. Select appropriate advertising venue‐ Based on the 5 buckets of questions you can figure out your budget, clients, advertising venue, and hit your target audiences.

Each business varies according to needs, wants and beliefs of what will work. Selecting the appropriate advertising avenue always start with asking the basic marketing strategy questions.  Based on the 5 buckets of questions you can figure out your budget, clients, advertising venue, and hit your target audiences.

5 Buckets For Marketing Questions

Who your customers/clients are. How they find you. Competitors and those you follow/look up to. ROI.Current positioning.

Bucket # 1 Who are your customers?
  • Male/Female, Age Range, Kids  Income Level, Type of Job, Ethnicity?  
  • Can you give us some details about the last 5 clients you’ve sold to?
Bucket # 2 How do customers find you?
  • Friends, online, flyers, talking to them in a coffee shop, other? Circle answer or write it out.
  • Can you describe several situations where you met clients? Positive exercises help you discover more about your own brand?
Bucket #Competitors & Favs, Who are your main competitors?
  • What businesses do you look up to?
  • What do you like that they do?
  • How did you find your fav business?
Bucket #4 ROI or Measurement Questions
  • How much do you spend currently?
  • Do you have a Budget for marketing/advertising?  (Online and Offline Advertising/Marketing Budget? How do you measure business success?
  • What percentage of your clients convert to a sale in less than 6 months? What is a new customer worth?
  • How much does it cost to acquire a new customer?What is a retention customer worth?
Bucket #5 Marketing Questions

When your business shares online what type of content will you be interested in? Education (learn), Entertain (laugh), Inform.(News and Market Insights Canada, BC, Around the world). Drill in here DIY Tips, Celebrity (Home Info, Television Real Estate Show), Facts and figure (Buyer Information, Seller Information,  Insurance Information), Marketing Insights (including Neighborhood insights), Real Estate Humor.

  • What are you happiest about your brand?
  • What do you do for marketing?
  • Do you have a separate budget for branding, other campaigns, marketing on and offline?
  • Where do you see value in advertising? (Facebook, LinkedIn, Craigslist, newsprint, email newsletter)
  • Do you have any specific marketing goals?
  • How do you measure your marketing achievements?

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