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Mastering Digital Marketing | Workshop Syllabus |

Sharing Our Digital Media Tips and Tricks

How Realtors can break into Digital Marketing. Having a clear path laid out helps. Each class below has an overview, actionable goals, Q & A, and additional support online after the class (in a facebook group with 500 members who are all ready and willing to answer your digital marketing and advertising questions). Class Length is 1 hr & 30 minutes.

Course Syllabus

Class 3 - Google 101

Class 1- Digital Options 

  • Search and Social.
  • Organic and Paid.
  • Free Tools.

Class 2 - Tools

  • Content Creation Tools (finding/making).
  • Extensions & Scheduling (the fun way to do things).  
  • Data Tools (Learning What is Free & Fun).SEO and PPC Explained.
  • Most Recent Changes. Google My Business Trends and Retargeting.
  • Analytics and Data.

Class 4 - Facebook For Business 101 

  • Overview of Social Media Optimization & Social Media Advertising. 
  •  Best Practices.
  • Data (what & where) 

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Sneak Peek...

Class 1 | Digital Marketing Overview & Options |


The way things are going, you need a digital presence. If you don't have one, you are giving up a huge advantage. Savvy shoppers are looking for credibility and authenticity.

Did you know the average person logs into Facebook 14 times a day and spends about 4 minutes each time they log in? Knowing this, imagine the future. If you don't take your digital presence seriously,  you might not be able to keep up or understand how to cut through the noise and make an impact. Serve Your clients and be their advantage. 
Digital Marketing Overview

The How  | Search Engines and Social Media at work behind the screen. | Connecting and tracking. How to think 'relevant' with Reach & Organic. 

  1. The What of Search and Social?
  2. Think of what your buyers and sellers are looking for. Each searches differently and so you have to think about how your target audience searches. People, your customers change the way the search depending on where and what platform they are on. Whether they are hunting, comparing, perusing, buying or buying. Each stage of the process can now be targeted. You don't always want to be in front of people. You want to be strategic about what you share and why. With both Organic and Paid, you can build the right digital marketing strategy for you.
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We Love what we do and how we help people. 

Every day we are online researching, learning, posting, doing, watching.

When you learn with us you learn from our experience. Daily we work with and help small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, real-estate agents & nonprofits. Because we are always working on search and social platforms we see a lot. We can help you learn how to make your life easier online.

Learn with us, share with us, let us be part of your journey.

If you know any tips and tricks that can help people manage themselves and their business online we'd love to hear and love even more if you share.