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August 27, 2017

PPC Management

PPC management

PPC Management. If you are using or looking to use Google AdWords or Bing Ads for PPC our services are designed to save our clients both time and money.

Once speaking with a team member we will collect some basic information and get things rolling. From there, we assign a dedicated account executive to be your point of contact. Our goal to have a full understanding of the goals and factors that will contribute to creating the best PPC strategy to move forward.

PPC Strategy & Setup

Our analysis and setup process will get us to actively advertise.  Our understanding of your business, PPC knowledge, and experience, along with a competitive/industry analysis will give us a clear strategy to move forward with your PPC plan. Whether you are a PPC veteran with well-oiled campaigns or just starting out as a new advertiser, we will work with you to develop a solid strategy to move forward.


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Some of our best PPC practices we use during the analysis and setup phase
  1. We Gain a Complete Understanding of Your Business with Regard to PPC.
  2. We Do A Website Review
  3. We provide Ongoing Consulting for PPC Success.
  4. We Set Expectations and Specific Goals So You Get What You Need.
  5. We’ll Design and Build Proper Campaigns for Search, Display, Remarking Product Listing/Shopping Ads.
  6. We Perform Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection.
  7. We’ll Build and Implement a Comprehensive Negative Keyword List.
  8. We Use of Proper Keyword Categorization, Matching Options and Ad Group Development.
  9. We’ll Write Effective Ad Copy With Multiple Ads per Ad Group and test.
  10. We Set Proper Ad Timing and Geographical Targeting.
  11. And We’ll Setup and Track Analytics and PPC Conversions.

Once we are finished with the setup and analysis phase, we will be in a position to launch your campaigns and bring in new traffic. Using our best practices. A great setup is a foundation to PPC success. It allows us the opportunity to see data clearly and make proper changes quickly and efficiently to benefit the bottom line

Ongoing Account Management

It is time launch the PPC accounts and start bringing in traffic. Once active, PPC management is a constant. Analyzing the results, continued strategy development, and keeping the platforms up to date making the necessary changes. These tasks are ongoing for as long as you continue to advertise. Over time change takes place and results can depend on adapt and shifting. We will keep you informed. Our relationship and results will grow to take full advantage of what these powerful platforms have to offer your business.

Our PPC Managment services include

  • A Dedicated Account Executive.Continued Business & Website Consulting
  • Ongoing PPC Strategy Development.
  • Continual Bid & Position Monitoring.
  • Ongoing Keyword Performance Analysis.
  • Ad Copy Analysis and Testing
  • Continued Conversion Tracking Analysis
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Fraud and Strange  Monitoring
  • Attaining Lower Conversion Costs, Higher Conversion Rates, Higher Click Through Rates, and Improved Quality Scores.

Why Choose Seymour Digital Media

Our Experience
We manage big and small campaigns, help nonprofits and are excited at the prospect of helping others.
Our Philosophy
We care and aren’t just about taking your money. We get to know our clients and their businesses. We develop a trusted relationship with each client and help them understand proven PPC best practices.
Our Team
We are all in-house, dedicated people who are knowledgeable love giving value, and quality.
Our Focus
We do digital marketing and been in the industry for over 10 years. Our focus is Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing
Our Reputation
Check out what people have to say about us on our client’s page.

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NOTE: We are not able to help advertisers market gambling sites, adult sites, affiliate programs, or multilevel marketing (MLM) programs.