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Adding the Facebook Pixel To Your Website. The Why & How

Want to set up the Retargeting Pixel. Don't get left in the dust in advertising. Stay on top of your options. The Facebook pixel.

 Facebook has a pixel and you should be using it. Here is why

What it is. It is a small piece of code you put on your website.

The Pixel function, What It does for you. 

  1. Reason #1 Track conversions (via a thank you page, purchase, lead, inquiry, a complete action). Why is this important? You want to track how many people are clicking to your site.  We want to track leads and sales and how much those are costing you. i.e. blogging: selling blogging service. $50.00 per. You are running FB ads. they are costing you $2/click. say you get 300 clicks. so basically it cost you $600. If you converted 3 into sales you paid 600 for $150 revenue. You know you might have to change things up. When you track you can see how much a lead is worth to you. Don't you want to get leads and know how much they cost you... and essentially get the price down over time. Once you start tracking your conversion you can seem more and see the cost for each and the total spend
  2.  Reason #2 - Optimize Ads. Facebook will automatically improve ads So more people who will create a conversion will see them
  3. Reason #3- Having the retargeting pixel will help you with retargeting ads. The ads you see that have followed you.   - The pixel will also help you drill down on the people who have taken certain actions.  Searching for something, product to a car but then leave.  You can show them ads to come back. This is Magic. 

Once the pixel is on your website and someone visits your website and or performs an action on your site it triggers the pixel which will feed that info to Facebook. It is going to track that person's facebook id so later on you can show them ads on Facebook.

About the Facebook Retargeting pixel code

The Facebook pixel code is made up of two main elements:

  • Pixel base code
  • Event code
  1. Go to the Pixels page in Ads Manager
  2. Click Actions > View Code
  3. Copy the base code and paste it between the <head> tags on each web page, or in your website template to install it on your entire website

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This will be your end result. We're receiving activity from your Facebook pixel. ;)... Let us know if we can help you

Next: We will install at least two event codes to track and optimize for conversions.Learn more.



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