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I found quite a few articles this morning.  I was looking up SEO News local SEO. Usually, I read 3 but I see 5 I’ve opened up. I am sure a couple won’t be worth talking about in my mind. I am looking for the article that will have the most juice to help others and I will post it in the facebook Group Cyberpunk Geeks  (come join in the discussion) as the morning post. Tuesdays is SEO day.

The first article speaks to small businesses about

How To Learn and Manage Your SEO

It is a quick article but for a beginner, in SEO I might not make the same suggestions and I found what they were saying could confuse a small business owner. I usually think that the learning and doing process starts with finding a free course or information to read/listen to before you dive into anything new. For small and medium businesses most focus or should focus on local SEO Their 6 attributes in the process of doing SEO as a small business were stated as

1. Understand your target users’ search behavior.

2. Prioritize the search terms.

3. Create a roadmap.

4. Identify the goals.

5. Map out an action plan.

6. Measure and course correct.

I would say it is a quick read and maybe worth the read but, I do think if you are just starting out as a small business owner doing local SEO will take a lot more learning. This article and the concepts are more for an intermediate SEO local business owner. I don’t think this one will hit the group this morning.

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Article 2 was a little bit of a surprise.Personal SEO. T

Personal SEO

This article was not about business or it was in a way. But it was more about realizing that your name is out there and what do you want associated with it and how do you identify what people are seeing. There were some good points in there like; “When someone does a search on our names, we must have positive content about us visible in search engines, as well as LinkedIn and other social networks and professional sites. Done well, personal SEO makes a person highly visible in search results on appropriate searches inappropriate websites.

This article is something to pay attention to and doing local SEO or being a local business owner you might want to think about how you show up in the search results.

I will say this article make you want to google your name. Which I am going to do right now. It also makes me think that it should be mentioned that people should update their personal and professional social media outlets to be current.

And lastly, I would say that you should make sure the alt tag and the caption behind your pictures should have your name as that would help with this concept of Personal SEO. This one might make it into the group as it is a concept people don’t talk about or think about much.

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Local seo learning

Reviewing Articles & Learn SEO, Local SEO


Okay, so the 3rd article is a mind blower. Yup, it is a goldmine of information. It deals with all aspects of SEO, including local Seo. hjnyth Not only does it list people you should potentially follow each person gives some very valuable advice for local SEO. This is the article I will post. I have a few more to get through (my appetite seems big this morning). Okay, so let’s dig in a little as to why you should read this article. This article lists

12 things to improve your local SEO

1. “Outreach to influencers.” We’ve seen the big brands get the term ‘influencer’ mixed up with celebrity. For me, this one is one that doesn’t resonate with me. Maybe it will over time, and maybe it doesn’t because I am somewhat new as an SEO specialist.

2. “Improve your business’s local ranking by using Google My Business.” This is a most definite thing to do. Google has changed google + to google my business. I would say yes update your business listing. But as an add-on, update your personal listing because you need a personal listing to have a business listing.  I have seen that if you post from your Google my Business (or what was G+) you do show up in the SERPs and it does rank you for SEO even if you are linking another article in your posts, you show up. It is amazing. I do it all the time for Simons Bike Shop who is a client and it works super well.

3. “Content is the biggest influence on link acquisition, which in turn impacts rankings.” This is the content is king thing. And yes this is probably true. You see a lot of content being pushed out from leaders in every industry. My problem here is I never know what to write about. That is why I do this synopsis. It might not be the most strategic way to get something out there but I read all these articles share them and I do have an opinion and I do know some stuff so that is my solution. Do you have a solution to how to work with the ‘content marketing idea?

4. “Verification of your listing on Google My Business is the most significant aspect of localized SEO.” ” We have seen situations where there is nearly no on-site localization or SEO presented for a specific area, and nothing but the creation and verification of a Google My Business listing has sent the organic ranking to a number one position for the associated website.” As I said above this really does work. I mean 2 people in this article even mention it and they are experts.

5. “Your site must be built or updated with search engines in mind.” This one is true too. We know that SEO is based on artistry and technical know-how. This I think is hard to accomplish especially if you don’t know what you are looking for or how to make changes. Google analytics and search console are great ways to get into learning how things work on your site.

6. “The more information you give to search engines, the more relevant your site becomes to them.” This could be a whole topic of where to do this and how. I would definitely dig into what this expert is saying.

7. “Adding schema markup to your site can improve your SEO, particularly with competitive local campaigns.” I have tried to learn some Schema or use it. I think in time I will be amazing at this but it takes some learning and a lot of reading. I do think this is the best way for an SEO specialist to earn his keep.

8. “Many small business owners think they need expensive SEO. But with some basic knowledge, they can check and optimize their sites themselves and save a lot of money.” This is very true if a local business owner has the time or will make time. And maybe deciding to make time will make all the difference to their understanding. There is a lot you can do yourself and teach yourself. You might want to hire a consultant just to figure out what you want to do or can do and what you should get someone else to do. Using all the free tools online especially the one’s google and big gives you are super helpful to helping you understand how to do better with your own local SEO.

9. “When done correctly, link building is still the best strategy for getting a properly optimized site over the hump, so to speak, and ranking better.” Here it is said that link building is misunderstood and I believe that might be true. Kind of like how the meta description is misunderstood. Yes, it has been downgraded in the eyes of google but it is still relevant and shouldn’t be forgotten about or tossed to the side.

10. “Good SEO results are a blend of on-page SEO, social media, content creation and link building.”10. This tip is for e-commerce people or websites and basically, it speaks to the on page stuff you must do. “on page SEO. Use keywords in alt text (images), titles, product descriptions, meta descriptions, and page titles, to name a few areas. Each of these gives you a great opportunity to drive traffic using common words that your customers use.” Then it dives into the need for a social media plan. If you look at your analytics you will see that people do come to you via social media.

11. “Customer reviews can have a serious SEO benefit.” These are so hard to get I have learned even from those who you’ve given great reviews to just to help them. I had a client that I suppose wasn’t happy with my service or as happy as she could have been. I asked for a review and instead, she wanted to meet so she could berate me. As she was quite rude in how she ended our contract I said I would prefer not to. Even a 3-star review would have helped. I was surprised by her actions. Anyway, I digress and will get back to the topic. Work at getting reviews, it is hard but it can be done and people are often pleased with themselves when they give a business a review.

12. “Focus on key areas to the lay the foundation for good SEO – then build on it over time.” This one was a bit over my head. I get the title but when you read the other bits it is like.. ‘What did that just say.’ I can’t really comment here as I am not sure what it all means, to be honest. I am sure it is valuable and very informative for those who are ahead of me in this field.

So, in the beginning, I said I would maybe review more than 3 articles. Well, I have spent a lot of time and I must get down to work. I will read the other articles and maybe post them. If they are super inspirational I may come back and add them to this. But for now, I am done.

What an amazing read the last article was and one to jot down in the books to go back to. Mainly to dive in deeper, look up who those people are etc.

Happy reading and researching.

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The Next Day…

I was so enthralled with the last article I read yesterday.  (plus I didn’t have the time or make time to make a feature image for the article. So I saved the other articles I was to read and I think I will finish them up, give my 2 cents and then publish what I think.

Do you know Jenny, Jenny Halasz?  I surely didn’t but I think I will enjoy reading here weekly question answers. Maybe you will too. So the question was: ‘is linking your pictures to internal pages a good or bad thing. Does google notice those links?’ And the answer was ” it seems mostly no” but there are circumstances. I did always wonder this question in the back of my head. I am glad it is now answered. The added bonus of checking this article out is there are several (it looks like ebooks or white papers) you can download that are guides. They look like they might be information.  OH and a quick side note, I did learn that maybe I want to put more than just the alt tags in my photos. The comment was “Caption and ALT” tag. Good to know.

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The next article I picked because I work with real estate agents. As I begin to read I am not feeling sold.

How To Use Local SEO to boost Traffic For Leads & sales as a Real Estate Agent

“high quality and original, and it’s very easy to hire an editor or proofreader to help with that.”  There were a lot of tips, well-known tips. But for a real estate agent, this is a good read especially because they should be writing and focusing on local SEO. A great bonus in the article is the listed tools that you can use to check your writing.

Local SEO - Tools To Use

Learning Local SEO

Keyword Density checker

On Page Optimization Tool 

Editing Help  This one costs money but it looks inexpensive. I would use it, I probably should use it.

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The last article is by Youst and it deals with cornerstone content. I think I am going to leave this one alone for a while. It is an easy one to find as it is in our WordPress plugin, right there when you do your SEO (even with the free tool). I am saving this one because cornerstone content is the content you are most proud of. I believe before I get into that I will have to publish so content I am really proud of.

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