SEO News Update- April 18th, 2017

seo news update 2017-04-18

Article 1 today For SEO is by someone I don’t know but they have some valid information in the article. It is a super quick read. “SEO rankings and websites need to be constantly maintained in a similar manner. You should be constantly increasing your site’s value, whether that be through content or external news outlets that validate your existence in the marketplace.” The 3 takeaways are; To do SEO effectively you need to 1) understanding the technical elements of SEO, 2) be creative with the keywords  3) be able to duplicate your method consistently. Personally, I think the title is misleading as the 3 steps are good but to run a multi-million dollar agency you need a bit more than this. Just an opinion though.

Read Article Here:  This Simple 3 Step SEO Formula Will Help You Run a Multi-Million Dollar Digital Agency

5 minute read.

Article 2 today is a great read and maybe something every business should consider if they have a seasonal component. I think the largest takeaway from this article is planning planning planning.  “SEO is awesome for driving long-term success. However, if your business wants to capitalize on seasonal SEO, then you’ll need to build a strategy to generate results in a short timeframe.”

Read Article Here: How To Seriously Rock Your Revenue With Seasonal SEO

15 minute read

Article 3 is another quite quick read and pretty consistent with what we know about SEO. It is a great reminder and she does Jia does address simplifying your menu which is a great thing to remember. “There are 200+ factors involved in Google’s core algorithms, and the majority of these factors fall into the following three areas: technical website structure, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.”

Read Article Here: SEO Simplified: 3 Main Factors In Getting The Right Customers To Your Site

10 minute read.

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