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June 10, 2017

Facebook Business Page Management | Monthly Service |

facebook business page management services

Facebook Business Page Management | Monthly Service |


Social Content Management

Do you sometimes wonder what to post? What are you supposed to post as a business? Social media and the inner workings can be very annoying in all honesty. Just remember a good business with a solid brand takes the time to show their passion. It can be difficult to continuously create and curate content yourself as a small business owner. A Social Media Content Manager will ensure that you never run out of social media content ideas again! The following is what to look for if you want the perfect everything in your content manager that's on your team.

  • Aggregation of all news sites about the latest development no matter the industry.
  • Ability to find and harness thought-leaders in your business.
  • Able to turn out fast content to demonstrate your update to knowledge on the latest trends.

Social Media Content Campaign Planning/Management

Many things go into content and social media content management.  We support Content Curation, Social Platform Management, Graphics Creation and Deployment (For Real Estate Agents 1 graphic from still images and a carousel of images/slider - created with ad format in mind. Additional ads on available at request.  Analytics tool setup is always a good starting place. It will put you on the right track.  

Meaningful Content to Improve your Results

We will research and write posts of content that keeps you looking up to date in your industry. We post regularly, sometimes up to 3 times a week depending on what you want and what we see as a pattern.

We want you to stay high rankings while giving your customers what they want at the same time.  We measure what we are doing to ensure you are seen in competitive platforms. The content will fit into the Social Media Strategy that we develop from the outset. We will help you and your brand become a thought leader in your field!

We review the monthly measure of what we are doing to ensure you are seen in competitive platforms. The content will fit into the Social Media Strategy that we develop from the outset. We'll help you stand out, grow and develop your so you can be the expert in your field.

Effective and Engaging Posting

We create a content calendar and can share with you and your team. Creating an Editorial Calendar (types of posts for the wk) will help you pace out your content so that you can maintain a consistent stream of posts. For people and algorithms, consistency is important because people come to expect a reliable release time as well as the algorithm that help raise your ranking across your networks. It is also nice for you, the busy business owner, to know that you do not have to take time out of your day to go post across your platforms.

Our Social Media Curation managers will help ensure the plan we design and developed is implemented using an Editorial Calendar. They can push out timely and topical piece for you, whether the posts are curated or written, which will build and engage with followers, fans, and friends. Increase your exposure through strategic and targeted social integration.

Other Services included Facebook Business Messenger Management 

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