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May 28, 2016


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marketing agency | about My name is Pip, I founded Seymour Digital Media, but I didn’t do it alone. As a digital media marketing strategist for small and medium businesses, new and aspiring entrepreneurs, and real estate agents and non-profits we work alongside many specialists in a variety of industries. Our focus is specific to search engine marketing and social media optimization.
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Now you might have some questions. Let’s see if we can answer a couple of those.

You might be asking yourself, what is a digital media marketing strategist (as it is quite the nifty title). I will get to that…After being in advertising sales in the marketing industry for over 12, graduating university with a psychology degree and venturing out on my own to sink or swim in the digital space teaching myself website development, social media for businesses, SEO, and PPC.

What marketing agency

We do things on purpose, not passively. We offer a customized service tailored to meet your digital media needs. As a business, you have a lot to do and not enough time. You need someone who knows media, someone who knows advertising, someone who knows digital media and the digital space.  We are that in a nutshell. We have A dynamite combination of talents that will help you understand and maneuver through the digital space learning or not as much or as little as you want.  We offer customized service to help you where you need it. We’ll help you understand your social media. We’ll set up a campaign or manage the day today. We’ll take care of the backend of your website.  We’ll even help you understand your SEO and implement an SEO strategy. We can help you with your Google AdWords, and even provide graphics and video. Make sure what needs to get done gets done. And we do it. We are time effective and efficient and we’re around. We answer our phone, we find out what is the best form of communication with you and we implement a system where you feel taken care of digitally. We are what some would call your casual white glove digital media service.

Seymour Digital media welcome imageWhy a marketing agency

We started this because we saw a gap. We felt a gap.  Working at larger digital media companies offering different services as a sales rep gave us first-hand knowledge of what was missing. There seemed to be a steep between companies that offered a digital media service to another company. phone calls weren’t returned. Websites weren’t complete. A larger company can’t really manage your social media with the efficiency of a smaller local business. We had our hands on the pulse being in sales and digital media. We now know how to help stop the scroll. We spend time with you so we know what you think you want and understand about the digital world. We also keep learning every day whether it be through research or implementation we take what we do and love very seriously.

How we manage our marketing agency

We meet with you, talk to you about what you offer and what you are doing. Who your clients are, where they are online.  We know things happen in micro-moments and we can be there to share those with your clients. We can simply just do things for you. Manage your website, maintain your social media, fix yours on page SEO. We work with you and use the tools we have that let us see what digital components you have or need to modify. We can teach you how to take care of all your digital assets yourself. We can guide you and step where is needed or give you feedback on what is going on in the industry. What trends are taking place, what would allow your business to thrive

When Do you need a marketing agency

We work on Pacific Standard Time. Our days fluctuate as I am sure you know what that’s like. We’re mobile and so our-our services. Have a question, call us. You won’t have to wait long for your answers. We are here to help you understand the digital world and we know when you are trying to do something online and it just isn’t working you need help. That’s is when you can reach out, and know someone will get back to you with answers.  Juggling so many things it is often easier to parse out tasks and not have to worry.

Where to find a marketing agency right for you

We do this here and there. We mainly work online and communicate digitally. We do have meetings where we sit down and review, brainstorm and map out the directions that are our options.  We learn what works for you. Do you like to meet in person monthly? Do you like a weekly email? Our service caters to your needs. You’re a small business owner and that means you are busy. We text if you text, we call it is your choice. This is what makes us that little bit different.  Give us a call and we’ll give you our steps for our initial meeting. It is free!

When you started your business you probably didn’t have to navigate through all the digital assets you need to manage now. Questions like is my website mobile,  Is my website fast enough,  should I have a Facebook business page or personal page for my business. Do I have to advertise on Facebook? How do I know if my efforts are working? and so much more make it almost impossible to navigate through the digital space.We help you understand the world of digital and what you might and might not need.  We help you BUILD YOUR online collateral so customers can find you more easily.We help you, so you can focus on what you love and we can focus on what we love.

Our Goal to achieve and perform activities to achieve your online goals.Understanding the fundamentals of the online world is difficult. The what and why is what we focus on. We’ll show you how to stand out online and create a business that is a reflection of what you want. We’ll help you captivate your audience as well as show you how to measure and monetize what you are doing. We’ll help you with any number of topics.Helping you understand your online assets will give you more quality time with your family, more free time for yourself and the opportunity to develop the skills or the hobbies you are so interested in so you can focus on what you really love doing in your business.

 Our reward is when someone who is struggling has success. When we are able to help someone who owns a business understand and accomplish what they need to help them sleep better at night. Don’t have time for all the learning? Hire Us or book a meeting to talk to us about what you really need.