Facebook Live Video 4 Quick Tips

facebook live video

Improve your Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video is a great asset for people looking for an edge when they’re trying to get people’s attention in the ever-crowded world of Facebook. The issue that comes up for many people is: Facebook Live can look amateurish. Here are 4 of the easiest & quick ways to up your game.

#1 – Tripod

JOBY tripod For Facebook LIve

This 1 is very important. Shakey camera actions are never something you want. You know you stop watching when you see it.  The tried and true method for resolving this is a tripod. Joby Gorilla Pod is a great starting point. Make sure that the Joby fits your size smartphone… don’t ask how we learned that. We have our issues with Joby about the range of movement but overall it is perfect for learning and upgrading your skills. *Take your phone with you if you are looking to put this in a store or read the specs when purchasing online. We have the small one and we definitely recommend the more sturdy one.

#2 – Lighting Ring

Portable Diva Ring For Facebook LIve

Lighting is critical to taking videos. It is important to make sure that you have light being directed onto your face to make sure that people watching can see you without it being a moody art film. Now the preferred method is a lot of natural light coming through the windows. Sometimes though natural light isn’t available or it doesn’t even light your face or whatever you are videoing so that is where the Rechargeable Portable Selfie Diva Ring Light comes in. Perfect for quick and even lighting for your smartphone. There are also very inexpensive on Amazon so they are a great introduction to lighting.

#3 – Microphone

Lapel Microphone For Facebook LIve

Audio is often overlooked when people do Facebook Live. It should not be. You can go for a Snowball Mic setup which we do use. This setup is good but it is for laptops so is not very portable. A lapel mic from Amazon can be a good inexpensive way to improve your audio quality. The length of the cord could be an issue but for most Facebook Lives it should be perfect.

#4 – Cue Cards

cue cards used for facebook Live video

Cue cards are a lifesaver. Every person thinks that when they go do to the Facebook Live that they have everything perfectly laid out in their head and when the light comes on they freeze. Or sometimes you forget an important talking or forget to thank someone. It is advice that we have taken a long time to come to and begrudgingly admit now that we should use when presenting. Better safe than sorry. Don’t write full sentences on the cue cards, just bullet points so that you remember all the important information you want to get across.

Ultimately, this advice is not going to make you into CNN or some major TV network with these tricks. After spending around $100 at Amazon, you can make small but crucial improvements to your Facebook Live quality to make sure that you stand out against everyone else. If this helped you or you have other tips and tricks let us know in the comments below or please get a hold of us through our Contact Us.

Just a side note. We are not affiliated with any of these products. We just love them and wanted to share! Plus we now do Facebook live video weekly so we thought we’d share our finds.


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